Physiotherapy Equipments

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Ultrasonic Therapy Unit (Digital - display Solid state)

Price: 13500 INR

The Ultrasound are high-frequency acoustic mechanical vibrations which gives messaging effects to the deep tender part of the muscle. The ultrasound waves differ from other electromagnetic radiation such as shortwave, Microwave etc. Moreover ultrasounds is effectively used in neuromuscular and muscula-skeletal diseases including arthritis, sinusitis etc. The soundheads generator minimises heat and thus eliminates any discomfort to the patient.

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Interferential Therapy Unit

Optional Vacuum suction unit with 4 cups for above Interferential...

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Muscles Stimulator MS 7S

Price: 10000.00 - 15000.00 INR/Piece

Galvanic : Max output 120 volts Interrupted Galvanic: Pulse duration stepless control 0.3 to repetition rate Faradic, Surge faradic, with surge duration and contraction pariod

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Shortwave Diathermy 250W

The 'Healotherm' MK-II has been specially designed keeping in view...

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Shortwave Diathermy 500 Watts

Price: 36000.00 - 56000.00 INR/Piece

Shortwave 500Watts Floor: Our shortwave diathermy is widely used...

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Shortwave Diathermy 500W

This units has been specially designed for Hospitals and physiotherapy...

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Price: 20000.00 - 35000.00 INR/Piece

Specially designed geared motor for continuous operation and low noise level. Adjustable flexion angle from 0 to 120 Thing length can be adjusted by loosing one knob Patient safety switch provided An electronic control system for increase or decrease range of motion.

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Four Channel TENS

Tens is short for Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation...


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